Appcessory Pte Ltd Parallel Portable battery case
Parallel Portable battery case is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Parallel Portable battery case

Like the iPhone 5, Parallel is set to woo the consumers with a super battery bank of 2,500mAh – that’s a whooping 1.7X more lifespan. This is extremely convenient for consumers who are always on the go and making full use of iPhone's capability. Parallel is a detachable battery with a complementary tough polycarbonate case. Snap on when more power is required. Remove to lighten the weight. It is ergonomically designed to fit well in your hands. With a built-in lightning cable and 5 colors matching protective case, it shares the same length as iPhone 5.

Parallel Portable battery case
Appcessory Pte Ltd Parallel
Appcessory Pte Ltd Portable battery case
Appcessory Pte Ltd design
Appcessory Pte Ltd design

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