Danny Carper Chubby Unicorn Freeride/Downhill Skateboard
Chubby Unicorn Freeride/Downhill Skateboard is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Chubby Unicorn Freeride/Downhill Skateboard

The Chubby Unicorn is a breakthrough board for Loaded, eight years in the making. The Chubby is the perfect example of form meeting function, striking an equal balance between technology, craftsmanship, innovation and overall rideability. As skateboard riding styles evolve so must the tools. The Chubby is Loaded’s answer for the downhill/freeride/freestyle hybrid riding our ambassadors are pioneering. This style resembles the movements one might make while snowboarding. Riders drift and slide their way around corners, tuck the straightaways, ride switch and throw tricks in for steez.

Chubby Unicorn Freeride/Downhill Skateboard
Danny Carper Chubby Unicorn
Danny Carper Freeride/Downhill Skateboard
Danny Carper design
Danny Carper design
Loaded Boards

Founded in 2000, Loaded Boards continually strives to take skateboarding in new directions through collective creativity, advances in design and composite construction, pioneering manufacturing processes, and stellar ambassadors.