Sylvie Cherian Nikidom ROLLER Schoolbag
Nikidom ROLLER Schoolbag is Bronze Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Nikidom ROLLER Schoolbag

The Nikidom ROLLER schoolbag is the first one on the market with very BIG wheels (17,5 cm diameter), which are not just attractive to look at, they are also quiet and make it super easy to maneuver on all kinds of surfaces, and to effortlessly go up and down stairs or sidewalks. The ergonomic handle is adjustable in height to adapt to the growing child, and is shaped like a scooter handle to invite children to push the bag in front of them (recommended position by physiotherapists), or drag behind. Kids can also personalize the bag with collectible pins and fun wheel stickers.

Nikidom ROLLER Schoolbag
Sylvie Cherian Nikidom ROLLER
Sylvie Cherian Schoolbag
Sylvie Cherian design
Sylvie Cherian design

Nikidom is a company based in Spain and dedicated to the distribution of highly innovative products for children since 1998. Nikidom is the exclusive distributor in Spain for some of the world´s most famous brands for babies and young children. Since 2008, the company has been involved in developing its own highly innovative products for babies and children.