Stefania Vola Cobra Lighting
Cobra Lighting is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Cobra Lighting

A simple Möbius strip (topological figure non-orientable) shaped in such a way as to evoke the figure of a cobra. Carbon fiber black or white and LED lighting (dimmable), placed in a way to project on a wall or around the looming shadow of a cobra head. The choice of placing the light source in the base shows ironically the artistic value of the object, leaning on it as on a pedestal and star in generating the play of light and shadows. With its simple and elegant design is suitable for private or public location. Wall and table lamp

Cobra Lighting
Stefania Vola Cobra
Stefania Vola Lighting
Stefania Vola design
Stefania Vola design

IT_interioritratti is a collection of exclusive objects of art design, applied to luminaire, interior design, and accessories. Outstanding and artistically inspired objects that introduce a caesura into everyday habits, calling forth a poetic dimension with a light, jocular and at times ironic touch. Project by Stefania Vola, architect and designer. Each object has its own soul, personality and life and, once prototyped, can be produced in limited edition (by Interioritratti or in partnership) or entrusted to a specific company.