Payal Shah Ete Slice Diamond Ring Band
Ete Slice Diamond Ring Band is Iron Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Ete Slice Diamond Ring Band

Ete ring's are a unique collection of 18K gold diamond band rings. Created with the influence from architecture design, I am inspired by mixed media, mixed cultures and dimensional structures. Each piece is bespoke, making them one-of-a-kind. When expressing these elements, it gives me the opportunity to create an abstract concept, however still keeping that touch of elegance. The ring’s main attraction comes from using slice diamonds that add a lifelike ingredient of texture. It also provides a gradient that adapts to the personality and ambiance of every unique being.

Ete Slice Diamond Ring Band
Payal Shah Ete
Payal Shah Slice Diamond Ring Band
Payal Shah design
Payal Shah design
L' Dezen Jewellery

L' Dezen Jewellery is a brand that creates only one-of-a-kind pieces. The pieces carry their own sole personality by producing Round, Slice and Rose cut Diamond Jewelry with a mix of Pearls, Ruby, Emeralds, Sapphire, Semi-Precious and Color Stones and in 18K gold, to create timeless products. My aim is to create new fabulous styles, bold schemes and modern shapes that will debut itself in todays world, leveraging the growing luxury market and its constant need of owning the unique and wearing the rare. Above all, our priority lies in the best quality, the magnificent handmade work of art that carries and captures beauty to stand out while preserving the classical elegance a Jewellery piece should have so it can present it self with the utter most grace.