ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng Movable wooden animals Toy
Movable wooden animals Toy is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Movable wooden animals Toy

The diversity animal toys are moving with different ways, simple but fun. The abstract animal shapes absorb children to imagine.There are 5 animals in the group: Pig, Duck, Giraffe, Snail and Dinosaur. Duck's head move from right to left when you pick it up from the desk,it seems to say "NO" to you; Giraffe's head can move from up and down; Pig's nose, Snail's and Dinosaur 's heads move from inside to outside when you turn their tails. All of the movements make people smile. Also all of the movements drive children to play in different ways, like pulling, pushing tails, turning heads...etc

Movable wooden animals Toy
ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng Movable wooden animals
ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng Toy
ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng design
ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng design

Sha Yang is a passionate designer and teacher. She is active. She always follow her interests which is wood toy making and life product design in our daily life. She loves everything in our natural world.

Shayang Design Studio

Sha Yang is a freelance Toy Designer and Maker. She wants to create for children. Regardless of toys, children furniture, picture books, animation or children story writing. She would like to express the love for this world and the love for children. Love and creation always is one of the beautiful things in this world. Here is her studio website: