Sharon Webber-Zvik Pain and Suffering Research Branding
Pain and Suffering Research Branding is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Pain and Suffering Research Branding

This design explores suffering in different layers: philosophical, social, medical and scientific. From my personal point of view that suffering and pain comes in many faces and forms, philosophical and scientific, I chose the humanization of suffering and pain as my basis. I studied the analogies between symbiotic in nature and symbiotic in human relations and from this research I created characters that visually represent the symbiotic relations between suffer and the sufferer and between pain and the one in pain. This design is an experiment and the viewer is the subject.

Pain and Suffering Research Branding
Sharon Webber-Zvik Pain and Suffering
Sharon Webber-Zvik Research Branding
Sharon Webber-Zvik design
Sharon Webber-Zvik design
Sharon Webber-Zvik

I create from the most emotional and personal place, when words becomes a limited tool. I hope simply to examine myself, to look at my thoughts on a more plastic and perceptible way. Usually, I plan to create a single work but like tears they come one after the other, until relief. I don’t think about it, or plan my technique - I simply cave in to all thoughts and ideas, deciding by feeling what will serve the idea best. I do not have the best technique and I am not an accurate artist, I acknowledge that. Sometimes it can be a helpful fact, but most of the times it makes me feel like I could be better. I could create it in a better way. Most of the time I simply appreciate the opportunity to express myself.

Sharon Webber-Zvik

I own a small design studio based in Israel. I specialize in branding small and medium businesses in the fields of various arts and design. I design both web and print: Package Design, Product Design, Posters, Marketing material, Copy-writing, etc. My clients usually approach me with a very preliminary idea of their business, and I transform their ideas into breathing and visual commercial activity.