K.i.d (Kale Design & Innovation) Nordic Bathroom Furniture Set & Ceramic Tiling
Nordic Bathroom Furniture Set & Ceramic Tiling is Iron Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Nordic Bathroom Furniture Set & Ceramic Tiling

With its bathroom furniture enriched with the natural texture of wood and compatible tiles; Kale’s Nordic Collection is comprised of a bathroom experience set in nature, for those who have a need for purity in their homes as an oasis in the midst of a fast-paced metropolis lifestyle. By the purpose of deconstructing the cold appearance, the series promises a relaxing experience, where every tile reflects the original texture of wood integrating the durability of ceramics and the concept is supported with the complementary furniture offering both storage and decoration benefits for the users.

Nordic Bathroom Furniture Set & Ceramic Tiling
K.i.d (Kale Design & Innovation) Nordic
K.i.d (Kale Design & Innovation) Bathroom Furniture Set & Ceramic Tiling
K.i.d (Kale Design & Innovation) design
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Laying its foundation with Canakkale Ceramic Factories Corporation in 1957, Kale Group pioneered the formation of the ceramics industry in Turkey, and has become an industry giant internationally with its investments. It has grown over the course of time with investments in machinery and equipment manufacturing, defense, chemistry, electrical appliances, energy, IT, transportation, tourism and food industries. Within the building and construction materials part of the group, Canakkale Seramik brand invites everyone to the charming world of ceramics that never goes out of date in houses full of elegance. Listed among the leading manufacturers in the world with its experience in the sector for over a half century, Canakkale Seramik is going beyond traditional patterns to present customizable options for every taste and preference. Along with collections that bring attractive textures like wood, natural stone, metal and textile to surfaces, design diversity accompanies decoration trends. You’ll also find stunning collections designed by world-famous artists in the extensive Canakkale Seramik portfolio. Each collection is designed for those who seek to create a mesmerizing atmosphere in their homes with aesthetic, eco-friendly, hygienic and durable products.