Filimena Radonjanin BonBon2 Multifunctional Sofa
BonBon2 Multifunctional Sofa is Iron Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Furniture Design Award Category.
BonBon2 Multifunctional Sofa

Multifunctional sofa consist 4 elements: A. two-seat / single bed / lounge chair, B. cushion, C. ottoman / back support, D. hand support / storage. By adding and arranging the elements, hundreds of combinations can be made. Two sitter, three sitter, four sitter,as you wish sitter, corner sofa, single bed, double bed, lounge chairs etc., are possible combinations which will suit either smallest living rooms or big and spacious lounges. All the transformations can be done without a real effort, and a lack of complicated mechanisms ensure great comfort in ether sitting or sleeping positions.

BonBon2 Multifunctional Sofa
Filimena Radonjanin BonBon2
Filimena Radonjanin Multifunctional Sofa
Filimena Radonjanin design
Filimena Radonjanin design
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