KT Architects Easy Domes Dome house
Easy Domes Dome house is Bronze Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Easy Domes Dome house

The design and structure of Easy Domes is the Icosahedron, here by cut of the vertices and transformed to 21 wooden sections. The design, interior, materials as color and the over all implementation to surroundings, construction and sustainable demands, offer interior arrangements for a wide range of users. The concept appeal to green building, home builders and sustainable living. Can be built in all climate zones and with resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes.

Easy Domes Dome house
KT Architects Easy Domes
KT Architects Dome house
KT Architects design
KT Architects design
KT Architects

KT Architect with director and architect Kari Thomsen work in the main field as an architectural office offering advice and supervision in design, project planning operations from tiny and small subjects as to buildings and city planning, as cooperate with needed engineering support for advanced constructions and technical solutions all focusing on the 21.century for sustainability, recycle and the cradle to cradle concept.

Easy Domes Ltd

The Easy Domes concept is developed by and at the architectural office of Mr.Kari Thomsen in 1989, a few years after the office was established. From the first project being a request for a cultural house to The Society of Greenland People on Faroe Islands, a later development financed by the Faroe Islands Ministry of Industry took place in cooperation with needed engineering advice to achieve the special dome load structure in minimizing use of material and to build two tourism cottages in a mountain area. Some years later Easy Domes established a cooperation with the danish wooden factory Taasinge Trae and delivered two domes for two families in Denmark. By public marketing mainly on the internet an agreement was made in 2010 with the owner of the Golden Tulip Hotel and Resort in United Arab Emirates. Here two small domes were added to a bigger dome for beach spare time activities. Actually we have no photos at moment of the finished project, but participated in preparations and a test erection and mounting of one of the small domes.