Jorge Prieto Waterfall Chair and armchair
Waterfall Chair and armchair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Waterfall Chair and armchair

The Waterfall chair and armchair were created as an answer to the everyday growing unsustainable mass production we suffer in our days which creates tons of waste that are just thrown away. From the combination of different used plywood planks that have been bent with just one mold, we created a unique design as each chair is different from the rest. The design can be stacked easy storage and the production is fast and cheap making it affordable for everyone. It can also be upholstered with natural wool if desired in a wide variety of colors.

Waterfall Chair and armchair
Jorge Prieto Waterfall
Jorge Prieto Chair and armchair
Jorge Prieto design
Jorge Prieto design
Prieto Studio

Jorge Juan Prieto Campos, born the 25th of December in 1987 studied at the Cardenal Herrera - CEU University of Valencia to acquire the Technical Industrial Design Engineer degree in 2008. After that, he made a master's degree in Industrial Design at the same university in 2009 where he met the students who he would join later to co-found the studio "Que Maten al DiseƱador" for 3 years. He specialized in furniture, lighting and product design being able to develop an idea from the basic concept to the very end. He worked with designers like Hector Serrano, Carlos Tiscar, Borja Garcia or Culdesac among others and for companies like Mobilfresno, Pau, Ascension Latorre or Vandidoo. Today, he works in his own studio designing products for different companies and clients all over the world.