Leon Mege The Maestro Ring
The Maestro Ring is Bronze Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Jewelry Design Award Category.
The Maestro Ring

This one of a kind ring was inspired by the gramophone, the origin of recorded music. The "Maestro" ring is a definite statement piece. And because it's a statement piece, Leon Megé has designed the ring so that the wearer can decide just what statement they choose to make. The ring features black ebony wood disks designed to look like records to be played on the gramophone. Music is a curation process, picked and individualized by the listener to their customized tastes. The special and unique ring designed by Leon Megé takes this concept and extends it to your jewelry. It resembles an old fashion gramophone with the blackened silver trumpet makes up the body of the ring. On the top, a 18 carat gold stud holds the records in place. Because music is an art that is individualized, Leon has made this ring in the same manor. The tiny records that accompany the ring are made from sustainable black ebony wood. Each record individually reflects a different musical artist. In an AC/DC frame of mind? "Play" it on The "Maestro" ring. What's better? Because the records are interchangeable, they can be customized to fit your personal tastes. The design of each record is made from tiny, colorful gemstones. Leon created a specialized stand so that when The "Maestro" ring is not being worn, it can be displayed like an art piece. A platform made of silver will accompany the ring to complete the gramophone design. When standing on it's own, the ring and platform will look like a miniature statue.

The Maestro Ring
Leon Mege The Maestro
Leon Mege Ring
Leon Mege design
Leon Mege design