Woongjin Food Design Team Deundeunhan Beans Beverage
Deundeunhan Beans Beverage is Platinum Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Packaging Design Award Category.
Deundeunhan Beans Beverage

The container design in the shape of a bean using a soft curve expressing a significance contained in the brand, ‘Deundeunhan Beans’ gives visually implied metaphor. In addition, the application of transparent label resolves the concern about food safety and the sizzle illustration expressed through enlarging bean pockets and the beans inside the pockets to the left in front encourages visual stimuli and the mold design for better and stable gripping improves the safety when using bottle products.

Deundeunhan Beans Beverage
Woongjin Food Design Team Deundeunhan Beans
Woongjin Food Design Team Beverage
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