Taris Zeytin A.S Çig Yag Olive Oil
Çig Yag Olive Oil is Golden Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award Category.
Çig Yag Olive Oil

Çig Yag, highly aromatic olive oil, not filtered to preserve its natural essence. This precious olive oil is packed in a porcelain bottle, which is a long-lasting and hygienic storage container for olive oil. The design on the bottle, Çintemani, is a traditional Turkish figure, symbolizes vigour and strength. Çintemani, on this special bottle, depicts the ultimate domination and absolute rule of the olive tree in nature. Çig Yag is available in limited quantity for each harvesting season. Every single bottle of this limited production is numbered with a unique metal plate.

Çig Yag Olive Oil
Taris Zeytin A.S Çig Yag
Taris Zeytin A.S Olive Oil
Taris Zeytin A.S design
Taris Zeytin A.S design