Roberta Visintin Wave Catamaran Cruiser Yacht
Wave Catamaran Cruiser Yacht is Silver Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Wave Catamaran Cruiser Yacht

Thinking about the sea as a world in a continuous movement, we took the “wave” as a symbol of it. Starting from this idea we modelled the lines of the hulls which seem to break themselves to bow. The second element at the base of the project idea is the concept of the living space that we wanted to draw in a sort of continuity between interiors and exteriors. Through the big glass windows we get an almost 360 degree view, which allows a visual continuity with outside. Not only, through the large glass doors opened life inside is projected in the outdoor spaces. Arch. Visintin/Arch. Foytik

Wave Catamaran Cruiser Yacht
Roberta Visintin Wave Catamaran
Roberta Visintin Cruiser Yacht
Roberta Visintin design
Roberta Visintin design
Dream Yacht Design

This brand was thought to promote our activities in the field of yacht design