Jean Gilbert Dupont Portofino Fly 35 Yacht
Portofino Fly 35 Yacht is Silver Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Portofino Fly 35 Yacht

The Portofino Fly 35, filled with natural light from large windows located in the hall, also in the cabins. Its dimensions offer unprecedented feeling of space for a boat this size. Throughout the interior, the color palette is warm and natural, with the choice of equilibrium compositions of colors and materials, making the environments in modern and comfortable areas, following the international trends of interior design.

Portofino Fly 35 Yacht
Jean Gilbert Dupont Portofino Fly 35
Jean Gilbert Dupont Yacht
Jean Gilbert Dupont design
Jean Gilbert Dupont design
Jean Gilbert Dupont

Who are you? I am a simple person in habits and in lifestyle. I like organization and things are done in stages most of the time. why are you relevant and important? I believe that we are all important from the point that each one takes action so that something good happens in the future, whatever it may be. what are your main achievements and advantages? My main professional achievements were the awards I got from my work and the desire to do something that adds something to society, at least in the area where I worked. how do you contribute to society? I contribute by trying to do something better that has a good impact on the use of the projects I develop. what makes you interesting? I think for the simplicity and ease in solving problems and developing things from a simple idea.

Portofino Yachts

Portofino Yachts is a brazilian Industry of Yachts, produce yachts from 35 feet to 70 feet.