Stiven Kerestegian Chilote House Shoes Indoor Shoe
Chilote House Shoes Indoor Shoe is Golden Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Social Design Award Category.
Chilote House Shoes Indoor Shoe

The Chilote Shoe is a design-craft product hand-made by women in and near the Chilean Patagonia using only repurposed and up-cycled salmon leather and raw natural wool. This simple, noble, extremely comfortable and highly sustainable indoor shoe redefines the concept of inclusive and conscious consumption. It is the result of the synergy created by design guided craftsmanship, noble renewable materials from the Patagonia, and a disruptive socially inclusive production ecosystem. Each unit features a unique QR that links to specific details of the individuals involved in it's production.

Chilote House Shoes Indoor Shoe
Stiven Kerestegian Chilote House Shoes
Stiven Kerestegian Indoor Shoe
Stiven Kerestegian design
Stiven Kerestegian design
Chilote Shoes

Chilote Shoes was founded by Industrial Designer Stiven Kerestegian and Francisca Apparcel, both social entrepreneurs. Our mission is to create noble and highly sustainable product experiences through the use of local natural renewable materials and socially inclusive manufacturing models that counter the negative effects of globalization in the developing world. Our products can be described as design-craft, a synergy enabled through the meaningful relationships we develop with the local community, culture and resources. We work in partnership with independent groups of artisan enabling them to work from home at their own pace and time and in accordance with their traditions. These relationships are the key elements recognized in our products international appeal. Chilote Shoes, where world class design meets social innovation.