Ronen Bavly Didi Table Lamp
Didi Table Lamp is Platinum Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Didi Table Lamp

Didi is a handmade product by Magenta. Designers: Ronen Bavly and Ornit Arnon. Through a playful study of folding and reopening of ellipse shapes, like the figure of a pleated skirt, we found the eventual cone, whereas the "folding" lines became light slits. The lamp employs a LED bulb. Its small measures help to retain the lamps' miniature figure and its aesthetic value. The Lamp shade is the direct heat reducer of the Light bulb, thereupon although made purely out of metal it is possible to touch it all over

Didi Table Lamp
Ronen Bavly Didi
Ronen Bavly Table Lamp
Ronen Bavly design
Ronen Bavly design

Magenta is a product design and manufacture company located in the mountains of Jerusalem, Israel. The company was established in 1992 by Ronen Bavly, and operates as a boutique studio with a professional workshop. Our high quality products are a result of continuous dialogue and cooperation between the department of design and the production team; each of the products grows in the company from the inception of an idea to the final design. "We believe that a designer should think with the hands and experience the evolution of the object" (Ronen Bavly) Our core team consists of designers who work alongside professional line workers. For each project we choose the most suitable method and crew. In addition to our multidisciplinary team we are continually building a large network of talent around us, including qualified craftsmen, electric and light consultants, architects, building constructors and project managers. We embrace the constantly evolving possibilities of materials and technology. Through our workshop we can experience and stretch them to their limits, a process which allows us to enjoy the working process and achieve surprising results.