Polona Pakiz Max & Minny Bed
Max & Minny Bed is Golden Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Category.
Max & Minny Bed

Max for dogs and Minny for cats is modern designed bed, which is a very stylish addition to our living space never made before. This Bed is made from natural materials, which are friendly for users,our lovely animals. Pillow is from quality and breathable foam and makes our pet comfortable and healthy lying. The cover of a pillow can be washed, replaced or changed colour if needed. For animal with arthritis and allergies the pillow is with memory foam. This well designed bed can be combined with our expensive sofa or colour of the wall or any furniture in our apartment.

Max & Minny Bed
Polona Pakiz Max & Minny
Polona Pakiz Bed
Polona Pakiz design
Polona Pakiz design
Max Design

Max design is my brand name and I'm starting with my own design business. My preference is design products for animals and children and also designing private or enterprise interiours.