Rob van Puijenbroek Le Cube Sofa
Le Cube Sofa is Platinum Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Furniture Design Award Category.
Le Cube Sofa

A modular sofa, constructed from small cubes, which can be adjusted in height by simply adding or removing cubes. With a small adjustment, the sofa can be given a completely different look. You can play about with the seat height, seat depth, place the seating individually or collectively, give it a relaxed look or an active look. Each cube can be ordered with its own upholstery and with a hard top cover which can be used as a table surface.

Le Cube Sofa
Rob van Puijenbroek Le Cube
Rob van Puijenbroek Sofa
Rob van Puijenbroek design
Rob van Puijenbroek design
Le Puij

Le Puij presents the Play Collection. A series of furniture intended for a project set-up. Playful, cheerful and stylish. Each piece has been designed with high quality, flexibility and individuality in mind. And within one module size, so that all the elements are easy to combine with each other.