Ioanna Drakaki oi1 for Candiasoil Olive oil packaging design
oi1 for Candiasoil Olive oil packaging design is Golden Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Packaging Design Award Category.
oi1 for Candiasoil Olive oil packaging design

We aimed at creating an exclusive design of simple elements. For the Oi1 organic we wanted to underline the health and nutritional aspects of the oil by choosing a bottle that reflects earlier designs of medical bottles as well as for the conservation properties of the dark brown glass. For the Oi1 Premium the choice of the clear Dorica bottle in a cylindrical container that offers the opportunity for the consumer to examine the color of the oil as well as keeping the olive oil protected from damaging light.

oi1 for Candiasoil  Olive oil packaging design
Ioanna Drakaki oi1 for Candiasoil
Ioanna Drakaki Olive oil packaging design
Ioanna Drakaki design
Candiasoil Ltd.

The vision and philosophy of our company are expressed through its very name: Candiasoil: the olive oil of the Cretan land. For us, olive oil is our culture. It is integrally linked with the history of this land, with its residents’ struggle for survival, with the scents of the island. Having thought long and hard, we created Candiasoil and are now in a position to offer the best olive oil produced on the island of Crete. This is not merely an extra virgin olive oil; it is the most authentic olive oil, coming from a single geographical region, and offers unique scent, flavour and healthy properties. We have selected our associates very carefully. Our main criterion was that they shared the same vision as us, i.e. to provide a pure, perfectly natural, extra virgin olive oil, with all the flavour, aroma and nutritional value of the first juice of the olive. The network of Candiasoil associates includes producers, olive oil millers, standardizers and specialists in the laboratory testing of olive oil quality.