Kenyon Yeh Nuo Lighting
Nuo Lighting is Silver Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Nuo Lighting

Nuo’ pendant consist of two materials, made from rattan strips base and stem of banana trees that are environmentally friendly material and can be parsed again. This material processed with a particular method so that this material is very beautiful, flexible, and strong. After going through a careful process of finishing, it will be formed products of high artistic merit. The result, ‘Nuo’ has a unique beauty and simplicity in the finished pendant form, reflecting the traditional skills and the unique allure of material fashioned by human hands.

Nuo Lighting
Kenyon Yeh Nuo
Kenyon Yeh Lighting
Kenyon Yeh design
Kenyon Yeh design
Kenyon Yeh Design Studio

Born in 1983, Kenyon Yeh studied Master of Arts in Design at Kingston University, London, under Colin Holden and Simon Hasan and graduated in 2009. Through his passion in design furniture, lighting and product, in 2010 - 2011 Kenyon Yeh starts his design studio in London. At present Kenyon Yeh Design Studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. Kenyon has his own inspiration in his collection, he believed that personality and characteristic can be transferred into an object creating a unique design identity. Whether in shape and practice, in other hand the objects are breaking some principles and applications twisted into collectable design. Kenyon Yeh continues to produce his design project, including collaboration with manufacturers across Europe and Asia. Brings more diversity, potential and attitude to keep moving forward. Kenyon Yeh’s works have been known and published in several media and international exhibitions.