Marcia Budet Asymmetrics + Diamonds Double Ring
Asymmetrics + Diamonds Double Ring is Golden Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Asymmetrics + Diamonds Double Ring

The piece is a free-standing sculptural double ring with large asymmetrical gemstones and diamonds. It never closes in a perfect circle, as it's read as one continuous element that hugs the fingers and provides structure for the gemstones at the same time, giving it an organic feel. The metal's delicate intervention of grabbing the gemstones allows them to appear as floating when worn, yet the metal becomes the extroverted main character of the piece when it's not in use.

Asymmetrics + Diamonds Double Ring
Marcia Budet Asymmetrics + Diamonds
Marcia Budet Double Ring
Marcia Budet design
Marcia Budet design
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We are an international award winning design company that offers creative, non-traditional proposals of design in fine jewelry. By incorporating quality materials and the designer's architectural training thought process, we create valuable pieces that can be passed from generation to generation of clients that thrive for effortless elegance. Main interests of the Studio include exploring asymmetrical elements, movement, the combination of different textures, and how simple and complex elements create a sophisticated boldness. By embracing Architecture as our design core, it feels natural to curate our pieces through this discipline's filtered lens, providing the brand with a very particular aesthetic language. For more information, visit our website: - Follow us on Facebook: and Twitter: @MarciaBudet