Wei Zhang Jing Hong Art Installations
Jing Hong Art Installations is Bronze Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Jing Hong Art Installations

The inspiration for this design comes from Cao Zhi's Ode to the Goddess of Luo: a classic literary work. This ode fictionalizes the author's encounter and love with godness Luo. Luo's image is extremely beautiful. Jinghong describes her Elegant as a swan, graceful as a Loong, full of dynamic and ethereal beauty. Inspired by this, the large installation, a graceful and elegant red structure of 6 meters high, floats from the outdoor into the gallery like a flying flowing streamer, floats to the far end, disappearing in the sunset. Visitors here to feel the immersion of being surrounded by streamers.

Jing Hong Art Installations
Wei Zhang Jing Hong
Wei Zhang Art Installations
Wei Zhang design
Wei Zhang design

Chaoran Yingfeng is a creative space design company dedicated to "let design speak". It has the founder's independent design brand "Wynne.Z Design Works" and two sub-brands: the advanced custom wedding brand "WeddingWind&Style" and the creative space design brand "INFRONT". Zhang Wei(Wynne.Z)is a space creative designer and independent artist who is good at inspiring and creating artistic creation and conceptual spaces that allow viewers to think and interact with each other. The two sub-brands provide private customized weddings and commercial space design customization services in the pan-art era for elite customers around the world who have high quality requirements. Adhering to the artistic concept of "love is the foundation of all beauty", we hope to bring more artistic works and beautiful thoughts to the public and the world.