Cynthia Gómez Ramírez Turandot Armor Costume
Turandot Armor Costume is Silver Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Costume and Heritage Wear Design Award Category.
Turandot Armor Costume

The costume industry generates pieces that become obsolete when the season ends, because they can rarely be used again. So, of this problem was that a sustainable costume project was proposed, which present a design for an operatic outfit using sustainable techniques such as upcycling with knitting deadstock and a creation of biomaterials made from orange waste based on the circular economy. The project seeks to reuse existing materials and develop new materials in order to counteract pollution in fashion.

Turandot Armor Costume
Cynthia Gómez Ramírez Turandot Armor
Cynthia Gómez Ramírez Costume
Cynthia Gómez Ramírez design
Cynthia Gómez Ramírez design
Cynthia Gómez Ramírez

Graduate in Textile Design, master’s in business administration, she studied fashion marketing, lifestyle trends, sustainable fashion, and textile experimentation at Central Saint Martin’s School She has received recognition as the best designer and is considered one of the 50 successful women in Mexico by the Expansión group and the Universal newspaper. She founded her studio in 1996, in which she designs her homonym brand, which has specialized in knitted textiles for Fashion and Home, her style characterized by the richness of his colors. She has participate within Fashion Week México, Desfila and Días de Moda platforms for more than 10 seasons. Her collections have been exhibited at the Carrillo Gil Art Museum in the “Boutique” exhibition, at the Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum “Modas Terminales”, at Design Week Mexico at Espacio Ciudad de México Museum She is currently coordinator of the Fashion Design and Sustainable Textiles program at the IBERO University Design Department. She has been a teacher for more than 10 years, teaching classes in strategic design, fashion and textile design and business management.

Cynthia Gomez

El Aleph is a festival where the borders between art and science are broken. Fusion that is manifested through talks, workshops, theater, music, dance and film performances in which prominent scientists and international artists surprise and enrich the views of the attendees organize by the UNAM (National Autonomus University of Mexico), the project was presented in a performance within the framework of the celebration of environmental boundaries, through a performance by a soprano singer wearing the garment.