Ladan Zadfar HilfePunkt Mobile Application
HilfePunkt Mobile Application is Bronze Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Social Design Award Category.
HilfePunkt Mobile Application

Migrating entails grappling with unfamiliar rules, especially without language knowledge. Hilfe Punkt serves as a guiding light, simplifying the path of newcomers by providing different services such as getting appointments and receiving informational updates. Tailored for diverse groups, it breaks language barriers, offering native language support for clear communication with authorities. Crucially, it tailors information based on users' locations. Our mission is swift adaptation, empowering seamless integration.

HilfePunkt Mobile Application
Ladan Zadfar HilfePunkt
Ladan Zadfar Mobile Application
Ladan Zadfar design
Ladan Zadfar design
Ladan Zadfar

Ladan Zadfar has a genuine fascination for delving into the needs and real challenges faced by customers or users. Her primary focus is on merging quantitative data with qualitative feedback, ensuring evidence-based strategic design solutions that align with both client expectations and project objectives. This mindset propels her towards a journey of continuous learning and self-challenge, pushing boundaries in various aspects to deliver the most optimal outcomes.


HilfePunkt is dedicated to revolutionizing the integration experience for newcomers in Germany.HilfePunkt is dedicated to instilling a sense of responsibility in individuals as they navigate their new surroundings. Through their platform, they expedite and elevate the integration process, providing not only efficiency but also empowerment. HilfePunkt equips newcomers to seamlessly adapt to their new environment with speed and confidence. Above all, they act as a catalyst in the relationship between the authorities and users by removing language barriers and informing the users of current laws and regulations. As a result, time is saved on both sides and a lot of misunderstandings are prevented.