S.A.I.T. Studio Liberty Signa Resort Hotel
Liberty Signa Resort Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Liberty Signa Resort Hotel

Liberty Signa Hotel blends diverse cultures with modern design, using local stone for a distinctive touch. Rooms draw inspiration from local elements, preventing monotony with diverse approaches. Adaptable plants and consideration of animal habitats enhance the landscape. Material selection cultivates a luxurious ambiance with wood, marble, and stone. The 102,000 sqm project reflects cultures from the lobby to spa and restaurant designs. Stakeholder interaction enhances cultural representation. Extensive research guides a design resonating with the community, considering environmental impact.

Liberty Signa Resort Hotel
S.A.I.T. Studio Liberty Signa
S.A.I.T. Studio Resort Hotel
S.A.I.T. Studio design
S.A.I.T. Studio design
S.A.I.T. Studio

I am Sait Guray Yalcin. When we start a new project with my team, we always give priority to issues such as the environment and user needs and take care to use natural materials. Creating harmonious spaces by combining colors, textures and different designs excites us and keeps us dynamic.

S.A.I.T. Studio

At S.A.I.T. Studio we aim to add value to the space, blend materials with emotion and create permanent designs. During the project creation process, we get to know the users and choose colors and textures that will maximize their sense of belonging. We act with the awareness that each design has its own conditions and qualities. We prioritize designs that will provide new functions to the location, the environment, and especially the user.