Mirna Sisul Green Frame Garden Holiday Villa
Green Frame Garden Holiday Villa is Iron Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Green Frame Garden Holiday Villa

The main goal of Green Frame Garden interior design project was to create synergy of art and design together with Mediterranean landscape of the property and estate. The designer created an example of artistic approach to interior design of holiday villas in Istria and Croatia. Whole project carries suffix Villa Art Nature. The artist used natural and local wood in creation of tables and bathrooms panels. Art use in villa was created on the spot, directly at the property inspired by its surrounding.

Green Frame Garden Holiday Villa
Mirna Sisul Green Frame Garden
Mirna Sisul Holiday Villa
Mirna Sisul design
Mirna Sisul design
Mirna Sisul

Mirna Sisul creates art and interiors for 25 years now. Her projects are driven with energy, joy and positivity inspired by her favorite songs. Her art aims to spread happiness, infusing homes with positivity and optimism. She finds beauty in every aspect of the world, from the smallest particles to vast landscapes, urging gratitude for our place in it. Her creations serve as reminders of the wonders surrounding us, encouraging appreciation for the beauty in every moment. Through her work, she seeks to share the uplifting essence of life, reminding us of the joy found in the simple things.

Green Frame Garden Villas

Green Frame Garden Villas, Villas Art Nature symbolizes the synergy of art design and Mediterranean landscape of the property; a true luxury holiday villas. The title Green Frame Garden is inspired by a green countryside around the villas and estate. The name, design and visual identity embody the green surrounding of the villa and estate, complete isolation and privacy which are a true value and comparative advantage.