Chihsiang Li Fashionable Guan Gong Stage Wear
Fashionable Guan Gong Stage Wear is Golden Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Costume and Heritage Wear Design Award Category.
Fashionable Guan Gong Stage Wear

Drawing inspiration from the attire of Guan Gong, the deity worshipped at the Puji Temple in Daxi, Taiwan, boasting over a century of intangible cultural heritage. This work challenges the representation of Eastern deity culture through Western three-dimensional tailoring. Simultaneously, it employs digital algorithms to explore the application of textile technology in traditional hand-embroidered works, aiming to reduce weight and enhance durability. Main techniques embroidered fabric labels, embroidery, and the application of mixed media in ethnic stage wear design.

Fashionable Guan Gong Stage Wear
Chihsiang Li Fashionable Guan Gong
Chihsiang Li Stage Wear
Chihsiang Li design
Chihsiang Li design
Liangi International Co., Ltd

Proficient in skillfully integrating the cultural essence of the East with Western cutting-edge design, reconstructing with avant-garde and splendid colors and structural lines. Dedicated to the interdisciplinary fusion of traditional art, humanities, and fashion aesthetics, aiming to create a unique new Oriental, timeless, and creative aesthetic style. Designer Liang-I Wu has won for Festival International Des Arts De Paris Fashion Design Gold Award and Winner for Fashion Asia Award 2016 Asian Top Fashion Haute Couture Designer of the Year.