Ruben Segovia Seremonia Selva Housing
Seremonia Selva Housing is Bronze Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Seremonia Selva Housing

Seremonia Selva seamlessly integrates architecture with nature, aspiring to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the built environment and the surrounding ecosystem. At its core, the project embodies a vision where housing units coexist harmoniously with amenities tailored for both physical and mental well-being. Through meticulous volumetric operations, the units are strategically positioned along the plot's edge, thereby delineating an inviting urban environment that seamlessly merges with the lush greenery of the central patio.

Seremonia Selva Housing
Ruben Segovia Seremonia Selva
Ruben Segovia Housing
Ruben Segovia design
Ruben Segovia design
Ruben Segovia

Ruben Segovia, co-founder of LS-LAB, leads architectural and urban design innovation. He directs the Master's Degree in Architecture and Urban Design at Tecnológico de Monterrey, mentoring future professionals. Segovia, an architect from Tec de Monterrey Campus Monterrey, holds a Master's Degree in Architectural Design from Harvard Graduate School of Design. His journey spans academia and practice, fostering creativity and excellence. At LS-LAB, Segovia's vision shapes transformative projects, redefining urban landscapes. With expertise cultivated at prestigious institutions, he inspires architects and urban designers worldwide, pushing the boundaries of possibility to create sustainable, impactful environments for generations to come.

LS-LAB + Seremonia

LS-LAB is an architectural, urban, and landscape design office known for its commitment to integrating nature into urban environments and promoting sustainable living. Through collaborations with partners like Seremonia Group, a developer specializing in housing typologies in southern Mexico, LS-LAB enhances systemic connections and fosters sustainable ways of life. By leveraging their expertise in architectural and landscape design, LS-LAB creates innovative solutions that harmonize with the surrounding environment and positively impact human behavior.