Ufuk Ogul Dülgeroglu Robuddy Autonomous Guide Dog
Robuddy Autonomous Guide Dog is Golden Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Robotics, Automaton and Automation Design Award Category.
Robuddy Autonomous Guide Dog

Robuddy is an autonomous robot guide dog,inspired by a mission to empower those with visual or auditory impairments. Embracing the profound impact of traditional guide dogs, the project melds advanced technology with empathy to provide not only functional assistance but also emotional support. Through innovative navigation and communication systems, this project envisions a future where inclusivity and independence converge, redefining the landscape of assistive devices.

Robuddy Autonomous Guide Dog
Ufuk Ogul Dülgeroglu Robuddy
Ufuk Ogul Dülgeroglu Autonomous Guide Dog
Ufuk Ogul Dülgeroglu design
Ufuk Ogul Dülgeroglu design
Ufuk Ogul Dülgeroglu

Ufuk Oğul Dülgeroğlu is a talented and passionate Industrial Designer with a keen eye for detail and a knack for transforming ideas into tangible, innovative products. With 9 years of experience in the industry, he has honed his skills in conceptualization, prototyping, and product development. Having worked in very different industries such as playground & urban equipments and defense industries, Ufuk brings a unique perspective to industrial design, blending elements of safety, durability, and innovation. This diverse experience enriches his approach, fostering creativity and adaptability in his designs.


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