Zhe Zeng Sheerin Pavilion Exhibition
Sheerin Pavilion Exhibition is Platinum Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Trade Show Architecture, Interiors, and Exhibit Design Award Category.
Sheerin Pavilion Exhibition

The Sheerin Pavilion for 2023 Guangzhou Design Week provides an exhibition space for sintered stones. Artificial stones are employed to simulate the natural ones, aiming to present a spatial ambiance of a mined artificial stone canyon. This simulation and representation create a captivating juxtaposition. The systematic design of space, scene, and structure not only presents the unity of form and force, and the connection between behavior and space, but also provides the possibility of recyclability of the exhibition venue. It is a exploration of sustainable exhibition construction.

Sheerin Pavilion Exhibition
Zhe Zeng Sheerin Pavilion
Zhe Zeng Exhibition
Zhe Zeng design
Zhe Zeng design
PMT Partners Ltd.

PMT Partners is an architecture and interior design practice launched in 2016 and currently collaborating with clients in China and around the globe. In an era of precipitous and extreme change, lead architects Yan Hu, Weihao Zhao and Zhe Zeng take an open-minded and creative but pragmatic approach to the work, creating projects that manage to be somehow both radical and restrained.