Chihsiang Li Daxidaxi2023 Event
Daxidaxi2023 Event is Silver Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Daxidaxi2023 Event

Daxidaxi2023 brought avant-garde fashion designs into traditional festival celebrations, reimagining revered Taiwanese deities such as Guan Gong, Mazu, and Guanyin in a fashion runway show. Century-old temples served as the backdrop, merging traditional culture with cutting-edge fashion design to create a sustainable fashion showcase within historic landmarks. Traditional gods appeared alongside modern dancers, ballet performers, martial artists, and models on the runway, showcasing a new form of cultural celebration.

Daxidaxi2023 Event
Chihsiang Li Daxidaxi2023
Chihsiang Li Event
Chihsiang Li design
Chihsiang Li design
Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum

Completed on March 28, 2015, the DAXI WOOD ART ECOMUSEUM was born based on the preservation of cultural assets combined with the local community. Today, the wood industry, historic monuments, buildings, and folk customs are all unique features of Daxi. It is the mission of the museum to continue preserving. recording, and promoting the culture of Daxi's wood industry and people's living, making Daxi a museum without walls.