Emel Balcı Monochrome Luxury Villa
Monochrome Luxury Villa is Silver Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Monochrome Luxury Villa

Project is located in Istanbul as a 400 m2 private boutique villa in a 1000 m2 land area with 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 6 bathrooms and a private pool at the land area. The main character of the design is simplicity while using monochrome and natural materials. The star design of the project is a wood sliding curtain system which inspired all the design of the project. Using the wood material so much almost all the walls are implemented by wood panels and the main color selected is gray and stones.

Monochrome Luxury Villa
Emel Balcı Monochrome
Emel Balcı Luxury Villa
Emel Balcı design
Emel Balcı design
Emel Balcı

ML MIMARLIK is an interior design studio and architecture studio based in istanbul since 2010 Mostly luxury villa projects, boutique villa projects, residence projects, office projects and rarely restaurant coffe projects are designed And also, trendsetter of Touching design trend in turkiye since 2019 which means with small touches , incredible places can be designed without big issues Most of the projects designed by ML Mımarlık published in lots of press such as interior design magazines, newspapers, tv programmes

ML Mimarlik

Established in 2010 by Master Architect Emel Balcı, ML Architecture remains actively engaged in the construction sector, providing innovative architectural and interior design solutions. Through the groundbreaking "touching*" method pioneered by Balcı, life is transformed with enchanting interventions in a brief timeframe. This method involves rapidly revitalizing living spaces at an affordable cost, without causing disruption, and utilizing existing materials.