Zhubo Design Shenzhen Book Mall Bay Area Branch
Shenzhen Book Mall Bay Area Branch is Golden Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Shenzhen Book Mall Bay Area Branch

Architecture is the city and the city is the architecture. While enjoying a wide range of city life, people can also feel the green comfort of birds and flowers, which is more memorable than a single book city and park. Shenzhen Book Mall Bay Area Branch, as a new generation of book city under the new model, will be the building itself as the city to create, trying to guide people to rethink the relationship between culture and life.

Shenzhen Book Mall Bay Area Branch
Zhubo Design Shenzhen Book Mall
Zhubo Design Bay Area Branch
Zhubo Design design
Zhubo Design design
Zhubo Design

Founded in 1996, Zhubo Design is mainly engaged in architectural design and relevant design and consulting services ranging from architectural design to urban planning, landscape design, interior design, etc., and is committed to the comprehensive development of the industrial chain of design and architectural technologies. After more than 20 years of development, we have expanded design services including prefabricated architecture, BIM technology, green building, sponge city, intelligent building andrelevant consulting services. We hold a Class-A Certificate of Qualification for Architectural Engineering Design, and offer the whole-process design solutions or services in stages from conceptual design, planning design, primary design to later construction according to the client’s demand, as well as all design services related to architectural engineering. Taking the architectural design as the core business, we increasingly expand our businesses. On the one hand, we pay more attention to the researchand application of advanced technologies and are awarded “National High-tech Enterprise”and recognized as the first group of “Prefabricated building industrial base”. On the other hand, we extend our reach on urban planning, civil design, landscape design, EPC, whole-process engineering and other consulting services. Our company values are “global vision, social responsibility and humanistic concern”. We encourage employees to analyze problems from the perspective of globalization, learn about the international operating ways, adapt quickly to international cultural background and embrace diversification. We combinessocialresponsibility with business development closely, focus on the impact on daily life brought by architecture and stress the human value in the design process. Moreover, we emphasize human care in the corporate management, promote healthy working way and lifestyle and offer a perfect platform for employees to achieve their goals.

Bureau Of Public Works Of Shenzhen Municipality Engineering Design Management Center

In response to the call of the new era, to break through the limitations of the system with professional institutions, implement more professional early-stage management and full-process management of design, and help Shenzhen build an international, modern and innovative city, the Engineering Design Management Center was inaugurated on July 19, 2017. As the fourth unit directly under the Bureau Of Public Works Of Shenzhen Municipality, it is a post-based public institution with full financial allocation. It takes "world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, and high-point positioning" as its concepts and "quality leadership, concept leadership, and technology leadership" is the goal. The functions of the Engineering Design Management Center include cooperating with the user units to carry out engineering project usage demand research and feasibility study preparation; responsible for organizing engineering project design bidding; responsible for organizing engineering project scheme design, preliminary design and construction drawing design; responsible for engineering projects; responsible for the preparation of budget estimates and cost control during the project design phase, as well as construction and approval submissions; responsible for the research of design standards and formulation of technical guidelines; responsible for organizing design units to cooperate with the construction phase and undertake other tasks assigned by the competent authorities.