Anna Słowińska - Owczarek Silia Bathroom Fittings Collection
Silia Bathroom Fittings Collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Silia Bathroom Fittings Collection

The new Silia collection from Deante stands out with exceptional complementarity. It consists of a total of 178 elements, available in various color variants, providing endless possibilities for arrangement. The designers' goal was to enable the creation of numerous diverse combinations, tailored to individual preferences and needs. This offering is aimed at individuals seeking tasteful solutions, for whom charming design plays a significant role in everyday life.

Silia Bathroom Fittings Collection
Anna Słowińska - Owczarek Silia
Anna Słowińska - Owczarek Bathroom Fittings Collection
Anna Słowińska - Owczarek design
Anna Słowińska - Owczarek design
Anna Słowińska - Owczarek

A graduate of the Lodz University of Technology and Illinois State University. She enthuses with energy, sense of humor and creativity. A lover of functionality and timeless elegance. She draws inspiration from traveling and observing fashion trends. An experienced product manager and specialist in coordinating the implementation of new products. Her attention to detail and determination help launch products complying with the market's requirements.


Deante is a European leader in in quality and design. It offers various groups of recipients bathroom and kitchen equipment they are looking for. Care for customers and employees is treated as the main source of the company's development.