Archer Aviation Midnight Evtol
Midnight Evtol is Platinum Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Aerospace and Aircraft Design Award Category.
Midnight Evtol

Midnight is an exceptional fusion of aerospace innovation and world-class design, representing Archer’s profound dedication to enhancing the passenger experience. This aircraft has been crafted to ensure passengers don’t merely ride but engage with it at every touchpoint, from entry to seating and viewing. The cabin experience is personalized with a partial divider between seats, featuring passenger’s name, destination and departure time. Midnight also boasts full panoramic windows, providing passengers with an immersive connection to the city below, offering a unique and intimate experience.

Midnight Evtol
Archer Aviation Midnight
Archer Aviation Evtol
Archer Aviation design
Archer Aviation design
Archer Aviation

Archer is designing and developing innovative and safe electric air taxis also known as vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Their goal is to transform urban travel, replacing 60-90 minute commutes by car, with estimated 10-20 minute electric air taxi flights that are safe, sustainable, low noise and cost competitive with ground transportation and with a range of up to 100 miles. Archer’s Midnight is a piloted, four passenger aircraft designed to perform rapid back-to-back flights with minimal charge time in between flights.

Archer Aviation

Archer is designing and developing electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for use in urban air mobility networks. Archer’s mission is to unlock the skies, freeing everyone to reimagine how they move and spend time. Archer's team is based in Santa Clara, CA.