Christos Pavlou Courtyards House
Courtyards House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Courtyards House

This two-story house offers a distinctive blend of traditional Cypriot home design and contemporary elements, incorporating three large green courtyards to create smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Experiencing the magic of living close to nature, with private gardens, green atriums, all while enjoying the comforts of modern design and the magic of the evolution of life. The boundaries blur by bringing greenery indoors through the atriums, making the courtyard a way of life allowing users to enjoy the magic of life’s seasonal transformations.

Courtyards House
Christos Pavlou Courtyards
Christos Pavlou House
Christos Pavlou design
Christos Pavlou design
Christos Pavlou

Christos Pavlou Architecture studio listens, searches, learns, designs. They are aware of and sensible to the environment, the land parameters, the specific site views, the climate conditions and the needs of our customers. Their projects are distinguished by their formal simplicity, the integration of inside-outside, the contrasting realities and the in-between zones. Studio's architecture is driven by the need of solving a complex program in a simple and clear manner. The language is based on define, simple forms aiming to express the collective memory of a specific culture. Having said that forms do not always provide ready-made solutions but they are rediscovered during the design process. It is a stage by stage approach which allows the build up of different special relationships and smooth transitions between spaces. Energy efficiency, automation technology, sustainability and ecological designs are part of their working procedure. The office has been awarded with the state architecture award 2019 by the president of Cyprus in the category of outstanding architecture.