Nikolaos Karintzaidis Drift Antibacterial Ceramic Wall Cladding
Drift Antibacterial Ceramic Wall Cladding is Platinum Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Drift Antibacterial Ceramic Wall Cladding

Functionality defines the aesthetics, using new techniques to reinterpret eternal themes in an attempt to synthesize spatial quality through specific architectural gestures. Open to the elements, external space is protected by a canopy that creates a microclimate. Combining modern design with simplicity of shape, curves and crisp lines define a layout adjusting elegantly into any architectural context while permitting occupants to enjoy outdoor spaces regardless of weather conditions all year round.

Drift Antibacterial Ceramic Wall Cladding
Nikolaos Karintzaidis Drift
Nikolaos Karintzaidis Antibacterial Ceramic Wall Cladding
Nikolaos Karintzaidis design
Nikolaos Karintzaidis design
Nikolaos Karintzaidis

Niko Karintzaidis is an award winning architect, industrial designer and researcher based in Dubai. With an interest in the pioneering research and investigation, as an architect he maintains an active role throughout the design process, in the interrelated fields of architecture and design. He has a genuine interest in the building and construction industry, with a specific focus on sustainability as well as the cultural importance of architecture. His work is addressing urban planning, architecture and industrial design, with an effort to build links between theory and practice.

Iris Ceramica Group

Established in 1961, Iris Ceramica Group is the leader in the design, production, and sales of ceramic tiles. The group manufactures a wide range of porcelain stoneware, special floors and wall coverings that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of consumers, architects, interior designers, and builders. Over the years, the company has introduced a series of innovative processes and products and acquired many technological patents that have become a point of reference for tile production. The products from its brands follow the Italian high standards and are manufactured according to the legislation in order to keep the environment safe, and thereby reducing health and pollution risks. This is considered to be a constant process of pursuing knowledge and practices that can lead to more Eco-friendly and Eco-responsible decisions and lifestyles, with the following aims: to protect the environment and to sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.