Gabriel Costa Cultura Concrete Wall Tile
Cultura Concrete Wall Tile is Iron Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Cultura Concrete Wall Tile

The design is inspired by the distinctive shapes and artistic heritage of the ancient pre-Columbian Jama Coaque tribe, dating back to 500 B.C., located in Ecuador. It consists of four tiles and the challenge was to develop an effective approach for seamlessly aligning the tiling lines in every direction. These tile variations allow for the creation of diverse configurations without repetition, echoing the roller stamp design. Cultura revives and highlights the memory and importance of historical local design.

Cultura Concrete Wall Tile
Gabriel Costa Cultura
Gabriel Costa Concrete Wall Tile
Gabriel Costa design
Gabriel Costa design
Gabriel Costa

Gabriel Costa is an architect fueled by his passion for Vitruvius Triad principles and the profound influence of materials on industrial design. His fascination with concrete was sparked during his exploration of casting walls in an architectural project he co-designed. He believes that concrete holds a certain nobility, showcasing its true character once it's freed from its mold.
 As the driving force behind Castaa, He focuses on creating premium designs that prioritize detail, artistry, and purpose. His goals are approached with intuitive and analytical thinking, continuously enhances production processes to ensure global presence and quality assurance.


Castaa specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance concrete tiles. Our emphasis lies in crafting products featuring intricate and premium designs. In alignment with our dedication to environmental responsibility, we meticulously source our raw materials from sustainable and conscientious suppliers.