SonyMusic Solutions inc. B. League All-Star Game 2023 Op Art
B. League All-Star Game 2023 Op Art is Platinum Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
B. League All-Star Game 2023 Op Art

B. League is Japan's premier basketball league. Op art is an abstract painting calculated to create a special visual effect. Each square depicts a visual image related to basketball, as well as buildings and landmarks that symbolize Mito, the host city. The animation is so dynamic that the eye cannot keep up. The audience was drawn into an exciting immersive experience. The level of basketball in Japan has evolved dramatically in recent years, and the league has seen a dramatic increase in attendance, as well as the demand for high quality in key art and venue production.

B. League All-Star Game 2023 Op Art
SonyMusic Solutions inc. B. League All-Star Game 2023
SonyMusic Solutions inc. Op Art
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SonyMusic Solutions inc. design
SonyMusic Solutions inc.

This new company, which integrates the solution businesses of the Sony Music Group, is a group of professionals who go beyond all barriers to work on a single "thing". We will create "solutions" to realize the dreams and requests of artists, creators, and all clients in the entertainment industry and beyond, and to expand their businesses by combining the collective strength of each company that has been cultivated in the entertainment industry to date. The environment surrounding the entertainment industry continues to change dramatically. With the goal of creating a new era of entertainment together with you, we have decided to name our new company "Sony Music Solutions Inc.


In the fall of 2016, Japan's third professional sport after baseball and soccer was launched. Two league splits, the suspension of the Japan Basketball Association (JBA) from international qualification, and a string of team failures... The Japanese basketball world, which had been unable to envision the future, dawned in the fall of 2016 with the opening of a new professional basketball league. Governance functions with the JBA at the top, improvement of the player playing environment, regional revitalization through arena utilization, enhancement of competitive power, and establishment of a new professional sport utilizing digital technology. We, the basketball family in Japan, are united in our efforts to further develop the basketball world with the inauguration of the "New Professional Basketball League.