Sanaz Ghafari Beautiful Darkness Eyewear
Beautiful Darkness Eyewear is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Eyewear Design Award Category.
Beautiful Darkness Eyewear

These eyewear are inspired by Iranian motifs and the purpose of its design is a gift for those who look at the world with only one eye. Many of them have lost it during their lives in line with their dreams, ideologies, freedom of humanity, standing against oppression, etc., and these beautiful patterns putted on them so that they know their true beauty. In fact, the main inspiration were these people. In terms of production technology, this work has a simple structure that can be made easily only with modern technology, and golden metal and brown glass are used in it.

Beautiful Darkness Eyewear
Sanaz Ghafari Beautiful Darkness
Sanaz Ghafari Eyewear
Sanaz Ghafari design
Sanaz Ghafari design
Sanaz Ghafari

Sanaz Ghafari was born in 1990 in Isfahan, Iran, where she still lives and works. Having grown up next to the river and traditional architecture which help people to be creative. Throughout her life, Sanaz has always been interested in art. In her practice in the field of art since 2007, she fascinated by jewelry design and holds Bachelor's and master's degrees in metal handicraft with the major of make and design of jewelry. After completing her degree she tries more to achieve professional experience in her major. She has several different national exhibitions from 2008 to 2020, and co-operate with jewelry makers. Sanaz has won several prizes until now. She is trying to increase her skills in jewelry design every day because she thinks the art and specially jewelry design can create a more beautiful world.