Christian Geistberger The R Series Rack System
The R Series Rack System is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Industrial Equipment and Heavy-duty Appliances Design Award Category.
The R Series Rack System

The Profectronics Rack design family is characterized by upward and downward compatibility within the product family. In addition to the centered 19 inch rack system, the Rack R90 and Rack R180 also have one or two easily accessible installation spaces on each side. These provide space for electrical switchgear assemblies, IT systems or similar. Due to the design separation of the 19 inch core and the installation spaces, highly sensitive measuring devices can be combined with conventional electrical devices and all this in a single mobile system.

The R Series Rack System
Christian Geistberger The R Series
Christian Geistberger Rack System
Christian Geistberger design
Christian Geistberger design
Christian Geistberger

Profectronics' core competence is the development, design, manufacture and integration of customer-specific test solutions. Depending on the requirements, its range of services extends from the development of individual system modules to the creation of fully automated complete systems. In order to be able to provide these sustainably and efficiently, Profectronics has developed its own product group based on the classic 19-inch rack design. Due to the orientation towards industry standards, a wide range of implementations for customers from the automotive industry, aerospace as well as environmental measurement technology could be realized in a efficient way.

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