Lin Hai Whirlpool Wheel Hub
Whirlpool Wheel Hub is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Vehicle Parts, Auto Accessories and Care Products Design Award Category.
Whirlpool Wheel Hub

This car wheel, called Whirlpoolo, is inspired by the propellers of an airplane. The emergency braking of the car will cause the brake pads to rub against the brake discs at high speed, generating huge heat, and if it cannot be cooled down quickly, it will shorten the life of the brake components. This air-absorbing car wheel can continuously supply air to the brake disc while running, helping to reduce the large amount of heat generated by the brake disc when braking, and achieve the green design goal of extending product life.

Whirlpool Wheel Hub
Lin Hai Whirlpool
Lin Hai Wheel Hub
Lin Hai design
Lin Hai design
Lin Hai

Zhang Weiwei is the dean of the Product Design of Changshu Institute of Technology, He takes senior member of the China Digital Art Design Expert Committee and the member of Design Teaching Steering Committee of Yunnan ProvinceIn China. In the past few years, he had won 3 Red-dot Awards personally. Guiding students to win more than 30 awards in international and domestic professional competitions.

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