Naoya TOCHIO Yuamu Hotel
Yuamu Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Yuamu Hotel

The plan is to convert the banquet hall of a ryokan into guest rooms. The guest rooms have high ceilings and varying floor heights. The small tatami area and sofas were connected to create an unprecedented Japanese modern style. The design theme of the restaurant Oriori was based on the hotel's name, weaving and folding. The transparency of the folds was changed according to function to achieve a comfortable feel. It features a corridor and dining space designed to look like the outside.

Yuamu Hotel
Naoya TOCHIO Yuamu
Naoya TOCHIO Hotel
Naoya TOCHIO design
Naoya TOCHIO design
Yusen No Yado Yuamu

yusen no yado YUAMU is located in Yumura Onsen, one of the best high-temperature hot springs in Japan, in northwestern Hyogo Prefecture. We have tried to create a cozy space that suits modern lifestyles while retaining the atmosphere of a ryokan. We named the inn "Yuamu" from "yuyami," meaning "hot spring bath," and incorporated the word "weave(amu)" into the name.