Yen-Hsun Su Glowing Eustoma Lamps
Glowing Eustoma Lamps is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Idea and Conceptual Design Award Category.
Glowing Eustoma Lamps

Glowing Eustoma is a noble flower in nature, revealing the concept about Light of Love and Peace in the darkness. The biotechnology makes Eustoma to glow as the lamps without any light sources in the darkness by utilizing the leaf vein absorption of high-entropy oxides, which are in line with EU standards. The attribute of a glowing flower lies in not only its light but also its soul.

Glowing Eustoma Lamps
Yen-Hsun Su Glowing Eustoma
Yen-Hsun Su Lamps
Yen-Hsun Su design
Yen-Hsun Su design
Seed Coleus Greenhouse

Seed Coleus Greenhouse is supported by an interdisciplinary research group from National Cheng Kung University and National Taiwan University sponsored by the National Science Council and the Council of Agriculture in Taiwan.