Nono Lu Ocean Necklace
Ocean Necklace is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Ocean Necklace

The emerald on the necklace exudes a deep green, as if a piece of green sea, and the shine of the diamond is like the crystal foam on the sea, flashing a bright light. And the clear blue of sapphires like the breath of the sea, gently brushing your neck, bringing you a feeling of freshness and freedom. The design inspiration of this necklace comes from the waves of the sea. The gorgeous and smooth lines are like the waves of the sea, presenting a soft and unrestrained atmosphere.

Ocean Necklace
Nono Lu Ocean
Nono Lu Necklace
Nono Lu design
Nono Lu design
Nono Lu

Nono Lu's style has the flavor of modern romanticism, where elegance, generosity, and nobility of women find refuge. The brand aims for the personalization of jewelry, focusing on the specific details to achieve the uniqueness of each piece. It is a project and a design to wear. Nono Lu owns almost 200 patents, and his jewelry is copyrighted. He has won many prestigious awards both domestically and internationally.