Hang Chen Artisan Echoes Culture Street
Artisan Echoes Culture Street is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Category.
Artisan Echoes Culture Street

This project is based on the coordination of the needs of tourists visiting the Purple Pottery Industrial Park and the residents living nearby. The designer observes the production facilities of Purple Pottery and uses artistic creativity to incorporate their appearance into the modern design of the buildings. At the same time, the design respects the natural environment and arranges the buildings according to the original topography, creating a unique cultural and creative block with diverse functions such as cultural exhibitions, art workshops, and specialty dining.

Artisan Echoes Culture Street
Hang Chen Artisan Echoes
Hang Chen Culture Street
Hang Chen design
Hang Chen design
Hang Chen

Hang Chen is a national registered urban and rural planner, landscape engineer, and outstanding interior designer in Guangdong Province, China. With a value orientation of "smart construction", he conducts planning and design projects tailored to specific commissions and local conditions in the fields of urban and rural planning, cultural and tourism development, and architecture and landscape. His comprehensive practice strives to comply with regional development laws and maximize comprehensive value.

WE-Me Group of Shenzhen Kaichuang Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Based on the trend of interconnection in the metaverse, the "WE-Team" and "ME-Individual Designers" are integrated to promote the value orientation of "smart construction". Planning serves as the overall decision-making, landscape optimization shapes the spatial matrix, and architecture creates the carrier image. Tailored planning and design are conducted according to the specific commission, in line with regional development laws and maximizing comprehensive value.