Olivier Felix Isselin Space Oddity Overflow Spa
Space Oddity Overflow Spa is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Space Oddity Overflow Spa

Space Oddity plays with gravity with its sleek lines and use of stainless steel, allowing it to blend seamlessly in any indoor or outdoor setting, whether it be contemporary or classic. Its aesthetics do not compromise on comfort of use, featuring an ergonomic seat, a soft-touch interior surface, and the possibility of placing jets and blowers on demand. Options such as the choice of grid (shape and material), and the color of the tank make each Space Oddity unique. In addition, this stainless steel overflow spa is weather resistant and easy to maintain. Finally, it is completely recyclable.

Space Oddity Overflow Spa
Olivier Felix Isselin Space Oddity
Olivier Felix Isselin Overflow Spa
Olivier Felix Isselin design
Olivier Felix Isselin design
Olivier Felix Isselin

Endowed with a curious and open personality, he has always sought to explore new paths, whether in his professional or personal life. He also studied architecture, but worked in the field of events and communication, as well as in contemporary art, where he notably managed art galleries. He is a designer, creator and manager all at the same time, knowing how to combine his artistic skills and his skills in project management.

Olivier Felix Isselin

Olivier Felix Isselin is based in Agay, France and is interested in the relationship between space and design. Whether for scenography, creating spaces or products, he proposes a sober and elegant design devoid of any artifice. The objective is to create objects that are remarkable while perfectly integrating into their environment and becoming an integral part of it.