Juan Ospina Last Stand Office Gadget
Last Stand Office Gadget is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Last Stand Office Gadget

The last stand is a fancy, 3d printed, dynamic, ergonomic, aesthetically catching product, made by Ospina Umbreit design studio, to give dying pencils a longer life. Almost every human has used a pencil as a way to physically materialize and communicate ideas, language, concepts, etc. However, pencils are not used 100% before they get thrown away. Their ergonomics become really unsuitable to most users after being sharpened many times; they get on average 20% of their product spam thrown away, making pencils not totally optimized. Every pencil user can give their dying pencils a last stand.

Last Stand Office Gadget
Juan Ospina Last Stand
Juan Ospina Office Gadget
Juan Ospina design
Juan Ospina design
Ospina Umbreit Design

Ospina Umbreit Design is a brand focused on a Famiy legacy founded in 2020 by former industrial designer Juan David Ospina, his wife, former head cutomer insights psychologist Erika Umbreit and their daughter Michelle, former product childproof tester. Ospina Umbreit Design aims to customers attention on simbols associated to aesthetics on each product. Aesthetics, hard to achieve design physical projects and first use/sight mind revolving emotions are the core of the award wining brand.